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Our incredible team of doctors, nurses, CNAs, therapists, and social workers come together to create more than just care plans; they craft a personalized journey with you at the center. We believe in open communication, making sure your voice, your family’s, and our care team’s harmonize to shape an approach that expedites your recovery and well-being.

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Your comprehensive care plan is designed to incorporate all your needs, including:


A wealth of comforts
for an elevated recovery

At Luther Woods, your journey to recovery is accompanied by exceptional comfort and beauty. Our facility offers thoughtfully appointed rooms, inviting common areas, and an array of amenities designed for your well-being. Explore well-maintained walking trails, relax in our serene courtyard, and enjoy restaurant-style dining.

Embrace Care, Celebrate Life.

Experience Luther Woods – where every day is an opportunity forhealing

Comprehensive Care

Revitalize with Luther Woods

Whether your path to recovery leads to our short-term rehabilitation department, skilled nursing, or long-term care, we are dedicated to supporting and guiding you on your journey to wellness.

Short-term rehab

Our therapy department sets new standards for short-term rehab. With dedicated care plans tailored to individual needs, residents experience more personalized and extended rehabilitation. Having our therapists on-site ensures a comprehensive approach, maximizing the time and attention devoted to your recovery. 

We’re dedicated to your well-being, offering more rehab for enhanced outcomes, ensuring a quicker return home.

Skilled Nursing

Our Skilled Nursing Department excels in delivering round-the-clock specialized clinical care with a compassionate touch. Our dedicated team skillfully manages complex medical needs such as TPN, tracheostomy care, and wound care.

With rich experience, we provide unparalleled attention, delivering compassionate and skilled care in a comforting environment.

Respite Care

Our Respite Care program offers an exceptional experience. Enjoy a welcoming and comfortable environment, a dedicated and experienced staff, personalized care, on-site medical professionals, engaging activities, and an unwavering commitment to maintaining your overall well-being.

Experience a respite stay filled with exceptional care, empathy and expertise.

Long-term Care

Our Long-Term Care Unit is your home away from home, blending expert care with a warm ambiance. Our thoughtful amenities and services, from meticulous housekeeping to engaging activities, create a comforting environment for your extended stay.

Discover authentic, heartfelt support and a profound sense of family at Luther Woods.

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