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    Our senior care management is dedicated to senior citizen assistance and rehabilitation. Get to know the senior care staff at Luther Woods, and read their biographies below.

    Lynn McLaughlin, BS, RN, NHA


    Katharine Gray

    Administrator Lynn McLaughlin may have officially been in geriatric healthcare for more than 31 years, but most of her childhood was spent in the company of the elderly. As a child of a minister, Lynn grew up watching her father exhibit a deep respect for and special dedication to his older parishioners. Later, in her teenage years, Lynn channeled her love of caregiving into a part-time job at Holy Redeemer hospital and then fulfilled her educational goals by pursuing a degree in nursing from Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pa.

    In 1981, Lynn became a full-time employee of Luther Woods, working in various clinical roles until she earned her license as a nursing home administrator and took her current leadership position in 1994. Today, Lynn oversees all of Luther Woods clinical and operational functions, as well as up to 140 residents and 127 senior care staff. Over the years, Lynn has applied her personal philosophy that, ‘you can’t do this as a job, it is a way of life and a calling,’ sleeping over with many other senior care management during snow storms, attending resident celebrations and recognizing Luther Woods as her extended family.

    For Lynn, there is simply nothing better than wishing farewell to a resident heading home after a full recovery and working with her colleagues-many of whom have been at Luther Woods as long or longer than she has.

    Katharine Gray, MSW

    Director of Admissions and Social Services

    Katharine Gray

    With her advanced degree, a Master’s in Social Work, it’s no wonder that Kathy’s favorite aspect of working with the elderly for the past 15 years is how much you can learn from the breadth of their experiences, and the interesting perspective they bring to their thoughts about recent history.

    As Director of Admissions and Social Services, Kathy is often one of the first members of our senior care management who families meet as they get to know Luther Woods. Kathy coordinates the admissions process with hospitals, conducts orientation with potential residents and serves as a resource between residents and health insurance companies. During their stay, Kathy monitors the relationship between residents and, as they leave, Kathy spearheads discharge planning–obtaining home care and medical equipment, if needed.

    In the spring, Kathy will be one of the first of the senior care staff to throw open the windows for some fresh air and will always volunteer for a stroll in the garden to see the flowers and meet the newest members of the duck family.

    Nonni Devine, RN

    Director of Nursing

    Nonni has always had an interest in the medical field and working with the seniors of the community. She received her RN from Abington’s Dixon School of Nursing. Nonni was awarded the Richard Jones, Jr. Community Health Emergency Nursing Award by the President of Abington Hospital. She began her career at AMH on the Neuroscience Unit.

    Nonni came to Luther Woods in 2010 as a 3-11 Supervisor. In 2013, she joined the Nursing Administration team as Clinical Coordinator and became Director of Nursing in 2016. She is also a Wound Treatment Associate (WTA) and continues to pursue her certification in wound care. Nonni oversees the nursing department at Luther Woods and loves to interact with the residents of the facility. If she is not out lending a hand she is hands on with her craftiness!

    Erin Holst, RN

    Assistant Director of Nursing

    Erin has a passion for working with the elderly. While in high school, Erin started her love for geriatrics working in an assisted living facility in the Hatboro area. She started there working in dietary which then moved into the health services department. After moving away to Shippensburg, Erin then came back to nursing and worked as a CNA for a LTC facility before pursuing a degree as a registered nurse.
    Erin has been with Luther Woods 4 years and was a Floor Nurse, Unit Manager and now the Assistant Director of Nursing. Currently works with staff on continuing education, wound care and infection control. Erin has passed her wound training associate and will soon sit for her certification test. 

    Christine Bean, RN

    Resident Nurse Assessment Coordinator

    Christine has been working in long term care for 22 years – most of that time spent with ventilator dependent residents. Transition from bedside nursing to administrative nursing in various capacities along with way lead her to her current position as Resident Nurse Assessment Coordinator (RNAC). Christine has been a RNAC for the past 6 years and she loves the challenges that the role provides.

    Joan Rowland, RN, BA, MA, RAC-T

    Registered Nurse Assessment Coordinator

    Joan Rowland, RN, BA, MA, RAC-T brings 25 years of long term healthcare leadership and management experience to Luther Woods. As part of the administrative team, Joan coordinates the RAI/Care Planning assessment process with Luther Woods interdisciplinary team members. Joan enjoys working as a resident advocate while working through the care planning process with residents and families. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Organization Dynamics and a Master’s degree in Business & Processional Communication from LaSalle University and is a Certified Registered Nurse Assessment Coordinator through the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators. 

    Casey DiPaolo, CDM

    Director of Food Service and Environmental Sciences

    Casey has been an integral part of Luther Woods for over 30 years. She began her career at Luther Woods while still in high school. Casey knew that she had an interest in caring for the community’s aging population. Casey’s scope of work covers two important departments in the facility. She is Dietary Manager as well as the Head of Environmental Services. Casey, along with her dietary staff, al always happy to accommodate your dietary needs. Her environmental services team is also available to hang a picture or hang a blouse. Casey is always looking forward to meeting residents and having them share their recipes!

    Tom Simko

    Assistant Food Service

    Tom is a vital asset to the Luther Woods Dietary Department. Tom is the Assistant Dietary Manager. He has grown with Luther Woods over the past twenty years in this department and is in the process of completing the program to become a Certified Dietary Manager. Tom has such compassion for the resident of Luther Woods. He is master with his organizational skills and will make sure that each resident need is tended to.

    Randie Dale Duretz, ADC / MC / CDP / CRT / AP-BC

    Director of Activities and Volunteers

    Randie was named after a race horse, because her parents knew she was a go-getter. When she saw her Bubby and Zeda in a nursing home, it bothered her seeing them in wheelchairs staring out the windows all day long. From that moment she knew which direction her occupation should take her. Making a difference one day at a time, enhancing the lives of the Luther Woods residents means so very much to her.
    Randie has worked at Luther Woods for 16+ years as Director of Activities. 




    Sprite is a three-year-old pet-therapy parrot at Luther Woods. She likes to ‘whistle while she works’, preferring a soothing melody to constant parrot chatter. Sprite enjoys the company of her human companions, visiting with residents at least daily by coming out of her cozy cage in the Activities room.

    Our senior care management is dedicated to senior citizen assistance and rehabilitation. Get to know the senior care staff at Luther Woods, and read their biographies below.